Meet the Hygienists

Our Mission Statement:                                         “Empowering Smiles and Promoting Overall Health”

 Highland Lakes Dental's Hygienists prioritize a comforting environment for oral care, offering compassion to all patients regardless of their oral health status. Their goal is to boost overall well-being through education and advocacy for oral hygiene. The dedicated team at Highland Lakes Dental is committed to guiding patients to optimal oral health through a combination of treatment and prevention.

  • Chenessa V. RDH

    Chenessa's journey began in Minnesota, but Florida captured her heart in 2003. She embarked on a professional path that led her to graduate from Valencia College with her AS degree in Dental Hygiene in 2014. In 2017, she joined Highland Lakes Dental, where her commitment to dental hygiene is evident in her dedication to patient comfort. Chenessa ensures a gentle, yet thorough cleaning tailored to everyone’s needs. Her favorite aspect of dental hygiene is witnessing her patients leave the office feeling relaxed and more confident.

    Beyond her professional endeavors, Chenessa finds fulfillment in the company of her husband, daughters, and friends. Whether indulging in vacations or enjoying 'stay-cations' right here in Florida, she cherishes moments spent creating lasting memories. Thrills at theme parks or cozying up on the couch for a movie night with loved ones. These are the valued moments that bring joy to Chenessa's life. Her ability to balance a rewarding career with a rich personal life showcases her commitment to both professional excellence and building meaningful connections.

  • Monica C. RDH

    Monica was born and raised in Venezuela and made the move to Florida in 2016. With over 6 years of experience of various levels in the dental field, she currently works as a dental hygienist. Her passion lies in helping patients maintain optimal health by teaching preventative care techniques. Monica is dedicated to educating individuals on the importance of oral hygiene to enhance their overall well-being.

    Outside of her professional life, Monica enjoys spending time in the sun at the beach or exploring new destinations through travel with her husband and friends.

  • Luz M. RDH

    Luz started her journey in dentistry in her home country, Colombia, where she successfully graduated from dental school. She made the move to the United States with her family 20 years ago. Upon settling in the U.S., Luz's determination to continue her dental career led her to obtain certification as a dental hygienist.  Since 2022, Luz has been an integral part of the Highland Lakes Dental team. Luz takes immense pride and joy in her role. Patients benefit not only from her technical proficiency but also from the warmth and understanding she extends to everyone. Her commitment to patient care is clear in her work.

    Beyond her professional achievements, Luz enjoys spending time with her family. She likes outdoor activities, riding her bike or taking walks with her dog. She loves nature and staying active.

  • Elizabeth P. RDH

    Elizabeth started her career as a dental assistant, motivated by a desire to deepen her knowledge and expand her scope of practice, she became a Dentist in her home country of Colombia. In 2002, Elizabeth moved to the United States and began practicing as a hygienist. Elizabeth finds immense joy in her work. She is genuinely happy in her role because of the office's focus on patient importance. Elizabeth's positive outlook extends beyond her treatment room. Her colleagues find inspiration in her optimistic approach, contributing to a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere throughout the dental office.

    Outside of work, Elizabeth cherishes spending time with her children, Sofi and Nico. In her free time, she enjoys being in nature. Elizabeth’s favorite activities are kayaking and taking leisurely walks.

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