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Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to delivering exceptional and comprehensive dental care, collaborating effectively with skilled doctors. Our team ensures top-notch quality in routine check-ups and complex treatments, prioritizing a positive patient experience. With a focus on technical proficiency and creating a comfortable environment, we strive for excellence in every aspect of your oral health journey.

  • Latasha K.

    Latasha brings over 20 years of invaluable experience to her role as a dental assistant. Born and raised in Iowa, she has been a dedicated member of the dental community since the early years of her career. In 2006, Latasha made the move to Florida, where she has continued to excel in her profession. Latasha's expertise in dental assisting is comprehensive. Her proficiency extends across various dental procedures. Her commitment to providing high-quality care to her patients is evident in her work. Latasha takes pride in her career and enjoys being able to make a difference in her patient’s dental journey.

    Outside of her professional endeavors, Latasha is an enthusiastic supporter of the Iowa Hawkeyes, her favorite sports team. Health and wellness are a priority for her, and she makes sure to spend time exercising. Latasha has competed in powerlifting competitions and fundraisers. Her passion for sports aligns with her love for riding motorcycles. She also enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and daughter.

  • Jennifer G.

    Jennifer, a New York native, met her husband in her early 20s, when she moved to Spain. They share two beautiful children and continue to visit Spain as a family. In 2012, they relocated to Florida, and Jennifer joined Highland Lakes Dental. Jennifer began her dental career 30 years ago. Jennifer has a wide range of knowledge and skills in general dentistry and has extensive experience in oral surgery. Jennifer excels in patient care and ensures patients leave their appointments understanding their treatment and feeling comfortable.

     In the fall of 2018, they welcomed new additions to the family—Simba and Lola. Simba and Lola are a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle and bring immense joy and love to their home. During her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, going to the beach and quality time with her family. Her favorite way to spend her time is to travel to new places with her family.

  • Bianca O.

    Bianca was born in Venezuela, where she started her education in Dentistry. Upon moving to the United States, she completed her education at the University of Florida, obtaining a certificate in Dental Assistant Expanded Functions while simultaneously earning her Associate's degree from Valencia College. The field of dentistry has always been Bianca's ambition since her childhood. Upon joining Highland Lakes Dental, Bianca brought a diverse set of dental skills. She excels not only in dental assisting but also holds expertise in front office operations and dental insurance.

    In her spare time, Bianca loves to travel and live an active lifestyle. She is passionate about music and enjoys watching live performances. Bianca enjoys adding a touch of glamour to her life with jewelry. She loves to accessorize and shares her expert style tips with her colleagues.

  • Vilmarie M.

    Vilmarie, originally from Puerto Rico, earned a bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Puerto Rico and later pursued her Dental Assisting studies at the University of Florida. Her enthusiasm for continuous learning is evident as she embraces her career with joy, learning something new every day. Since joining the Highland Lakes Team, Vilmarie has seamlessly transitioned between different departments, showcasing her versatility and capability to conquer any task with a smile.
    Her colleagues appreciate Vilmarie not only for her professional skills but also for her infectious sense of humor and a talent for discovering delicious food. Married with two children and a loveable puppy, Vilmarie treasures moments spent with her family and friends. During her downtime, she enjoys cooking and creating new recipes.

  • Kathy D.

    Kathy's journey from Columbus, Georgia to Lake County, Florida at the age of 2 marked the beginning of a life filled with adventures and meaningful connections. Her early years were rooted in teaching, as she spent 12 fulfilling years as a preschool educator before venturing into the dental field. It was a transition that brought her to Highland Lakes Dental over 5 years ago. At the heart of Kathy's career lies her genuine passion for people. Ambitious and brimming with energy, she approaches her work with zeal, finding immense satisfaction in delivering top-notch care alongside her dedicated team members.

    Beyond her career, Kathy's personal life shines just as brightly. She has been married for 17 years to her loving husband. They share four beautiful daughters and four cherished grandchildren. Recently settling into their forever home in Ocklawaha, they've found comfort and joy in building a life together. Kathy and her husband revel in shared moments of leisure and adventure. They enjoy cruising the lake on their boat, motorcycle rides, and the vibrant atmosphere of festivals. With a heart as vast as her dreams, she continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm for life.

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